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The early contenders might not be as visible today, but if you own a TV, you're probably familiar with two sites in this category - OLX and Quikr which continued to evolve online classifieds and continued to grow.

Chulet has a similar point to make about his users.Data Ninja is a competition organized by OLX Group.Each edition allows you to fight with real-world big data problems.For OLX, TV is important because it has given a lot of visibility to the business. Chulet says, "TV is very important for brand building, but it also helps us to find sellers." That's because people don't always realise that they have the option of selling old goods.That's also why Quikr's latest ads highlight the concept of MSP - maximum sale's price, to help sellers and buyers figure out how to price goods in a secondhand market.The face of e-commerce in India has gone through some noticeable changes over the years.


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