Dating is hell blog

As Sacajawea guided Lewis and Clark, let me lead you through these treacherous waters. For those of you reading this while cuddled up to a partner who cherishes your every word and breath…bite me.

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Many online daters of a certain age have negligible computer skills, up to and including Photoshop.

Personally, I would rather stab myself repeatedly in the cheek with a shrimp fork than search for my happily-ever-after on my smart (ish) phone.

Online dating can be excruciating, though more so for some personality types than others.

Where would the world be without gorgeous women like Melissa Mc Carthy, Adele, Oprah, and Rebel Wilson?

Moreover, I find bald men seriously attractive – shout out to Ed Harris, Dwayne Johnson, Bruce Willis, Kelly Slater, and Jason Statham.


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