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I’m not sure, but I’d guess that he still uses the same old school definition of the word as my dad (if you don’t know it, think about a prophylactic post use).That set the tone perfectly for Guilfoyle’s claims that Edwards wanted to have “his cake – or mistress – and eat it too.” After a second of silence, Beckel responded with a scandalized “Ooh! It’s times like this that I really think some network should just replace a political panel show with a bunch of elementary school students.And Fox decided to up the awkwardness of last night’s New Year’s Eve special by holding a viewer poll asking if the two should kiss on-air at midnight.With 65% of viewers saying “yes,” Guilfoyle leaned in before midnight and said, “I’m going to see if I can restart Bob’s heart, Fox News-style.” After a passionate kiss that left Kennedy mock-puking off the side of the set, Guilfoyle asked, “Fox News Channel, where’s my bonus?In the book, it talks about his makeup and dress code requirements that put them in the best light to emphasized their sexual appeal to viewers.There’s a tale that says when a female wore pants on a segment of the show, Ailes phoned in and admonished is under fire for a sexist comment made to Kimberly Guilfoyle that was meant as a quip, but rubbed some viewers the wrong way.

She has been the contributor of ' The O’Reily Factor, Hannity', and has also anchored on ' Court TV'.

Beckel and his colleagues were chiming in on Earnest’s talking points on the president’s strategy on airstrikes to destroy the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (or ISIS).

The veteran analyst remarked about his fondness for Earnest over Carney, to which Guilfoyle indicated she doesn’t like the new guy.

Judging by the intellectual content of Faux News’ on-air female talent (and in the media industry, if you appear ‘on-air’ or, in radio, with a microphone, you’re considered the ‘talent’), they weren’t chosen for their academic prowess or knowledge of the facts or expertise on a issue. And are vitrolic, savage, venomous, poisonous, malicious, nasty, mean, cruel, unkind, harsh, hostile, vindictive, vicious, scathing, barbed, wounding, cutting, bitchy, and catty. I have never seen as much women hating as on these posts from the left.

Yuk.” It’s worth noting that Gabriel Sherman’s new biography of Fox boss Roger Ailes details his alleged rampant sexism among female television personalities during his long career.


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