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She went into the bathroom to get ready while Billy helped me to get ready and check the light levels.He was fascinated with the Single Lens Reflex camera and the thru the lens light meter because it was so much easier than the cameras he had learned on.The back of the photos showed a stamp from a developer in Sidney.The note with the photos read: Memories, mate from your Aussie Amazons.Beth was teaching him French and on the weekends she introduced him to the Denver art and museum world.A week or two before I left for Walter Reed I found Beth really mad and I feared that they had a fight.Because of the snow, Jimmy kept the bar closed on Friday.However, Denver snowstorms often have a limited shelf life and after a sunny Saturday, the roads were relatively clear, Jimmy called everyone and we reopened on Saturday.

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For the rest of that spring their life seemed to be bliss with Billy doing well in his paramedic courses even though I had to help him in anatomy and physiology and how to use algebra to titrate dosage with pain meds.

Most of the crowd had been off on Friday and were looking to party on Saturday Night. He looked happy but very tired while Beth looked Radiant but was walking slightly bowlegged and she confessed that she was having trouble sitting down when she brought me my drink.

Billy told me that they had spent all of Friday in bed and had only gotten up Saturday for a romp in the snow and Billy's first snowball fight.

My fiance had two women and I can't let him outdo me.

After that, Billy and I couldn't think of anything to say so I started to get everything ready for the shoot.


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