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We have included them in order to present a picture that is complete for those unfamiliar with our subject.This is important as we believe that some of them may have prejudices firmly based on incomplete knowledge.5 The behaviour of pupils in a school is influenced by almost every aspect of the way in which it is run and how it relates to the community it serves.It is the combination of all these factors which give a school its character and identity.Few teachers in our survey reported physical aggression towards themselves.Most of these did not rate it as the most difficult behaviour with which they had to deal.

I have had the good fortune to be supported in this task by an energetic committee, experienced assessors and a small but exceptionally able and hard working secretariat. Their names, our terms of reference and methods of work are given in our report which I enclose with this letter. 1 This report contains recommendations which apply to many people who are not professional teachers or educational administrators and we hope it will be read by them.

They are an integral and immensely important part of society for which we all have a responsibility at some time in our lives.

We hope that its publication will lead to a practical recognition of this; to a shared and general sense of commitment to our children's education; and to a realisation of the great potential latent in our schools.

They are part of a range of proposals which, if taken together, can have a profoundly beneficial effect on conditions in our most difficult schools.

[page 9] 6 Our recommendations also relate to the great majority of schools that are generally well ordered but in which significant improvements could still be made.


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